Who We Fund

Investing in Industry and Academic Research

We have awarded more than $20 million in brain tumor research funding to world-renowned research investigators and physician-scientists from 46 institutions. We don't view ourselves as simply investors, we are value-added partners with medical research centers, early-stage biotechnology companies and large multi-national pharmaceutical companies.  We help shape the direction of the research and move treatments as fast as possible from basic discovery to the clinic. 

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Investments in Industry

  • Novartis

    We are working with Novartis, Henry Ford Hospital, and Columbia University to develop state-of-the-art model systems to id

  • Notable Labs

    Notable Labs is a personalized testing service for cancer patients that prioritizes combinations of FDA-approved treatments that can be immediately prescribed by a doctor without a clinical trial.

  • Exosome Diagnostics

    ABC2 and Exosome Diagnostics are collaborating with two leading academic research centers to accelerate the clinical validation of Exosome Diagnostic's biofluid-based diagnostic technology.

  • Agios

    ABC2’s investment provided the support Agios needed to move its cancer metabolism project into brain cancer. Prior to our involvement, Agios focused exclusively on leukemia research.

  • Genentech

    ABC2 funded Genentech’s early stage research and clinical trial work to test and develop the drug Avastin to treat brain cancer patients.

  • Regulus Therapeutics

    Regulus is now working with Samsung Medical Center to develop a microRNA therapeutic to target the “master control switches” in brain tumors.

  • Tocagen

    ABC2 was the first non-profit organization to fund Tocagen, a biotech company that was able to then go onto raise additional funding for their groundbreaking therapy.

Brain Tumor Research Grants

  • Johns Hopkins

    We're funding a clinical trial to test whether an FDA-approved anti-parasitic drug might be an effective treatment for brain cancer.

  • UCSD & Regulus

    Early detection of tumor recurrence remains one of the greatest challenges in the treatment of brain cancer. 

  • Split Immunity Research

    We're funding the innovative work by researchers at Tel Aviv Sourasky Medical Center.

  • Scientifically Daring

    We're building a novel system to rapidly test drug effectiveness on high-grade gliomas.

  • UCSF

    We are funding a UCSF project to understand the effects of temozolomide on low-grade gliomas.

  • FCBTR/ABC2 Grants

    Together, since 2010, FCBTR and ABC2 have together funded more than $925,000 in Florida-based brain tumor research

  • Immune Signatures

    We're funding a pediatric trial of a unique technology that could help physicians to make a diagnosis of brain cancer (including recurrence) from a simple blood test.

  • Duke Medicine

    Duke Medicine and ABC2 have worked together to advance treatments since 2001. We've funded 25 different projects by Duke investigators.

  • DIPG

    Our investment and scientific guidance is helping to advance the work of an international consortium working on a treatment for a rare pediatric brain tumor called diffuse intrinsic pontine glioma (DIPG).

  • Broad/Dana-Farber

    We are funding whole exome sequencing of brain tumors at the Broad Institute to advance research at Dana-Farber on the personalized NeoVax immunotherapy treatment.

  • UCLA

    We are funding the development of a clinical trial to determine if retinoic acid -- Accutane -- might be an effective brain cancer treatment for patients with IDH gene mutations.

  • Mayo Clinic / T-Gen

    We're advancing a novel personalized medicine trial for glioblastoma patients led by Mayo Clinic, one of the leading clinical centers, and TGen, a cutting edge genomics lab.

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